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Site : Bit of an oooooops
Posted by madDan on 2014/2/8 19:15:45 (818 reads)

Sorry THe site was down so long

Site : TR.n, free to view now, and always!
Posted by westcoaster on 2013/9/18 7:01:54 (512 reads)

TR.n Guides and Articles are free to view, and always will be.

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Site : New Articles
Posted by westcoaster on 2013/5/18 6:39:07 (591 reads)

There are a few new guides & articles to look at on TR.n, so have a look if you've not checked out the section for a while.

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Events : Discount on Car Covers
Posted by kickinside on 2012/2/27 22:00:00 (615 reads)

Discount on Car Covers.

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Site : New slimmed down site
Posted by kickinside on 2011/12/12 22:40:00 (684 reads)

The site has gone a diet

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Site : Guide to Changing a Broken Aircon Pipe
Posted by westcoaster on 2011/11/22 20:38:11 (758 reads)

David Clayton and Luke Tyler's combined guide to replacing a broken air-con pipe without lowering the subframe. See here:

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Site : New Leak Guide
Posted by westcoaster on 2011/11/22 8:21:34 (535 reads)

A new leak guide from IanS, he's discovered a potential leak point in the bulkhead and shows you where to seal it.

See here:

Site : New Electrical Guide
Posted by westcoaster on 2011/11/22 8:18:23 (301 reads)

Prophet's Footwell Illumination Guide, shows you how to fit funky coloured LED lights in your roadster to give some useful illumination.

See here:

Site : Two New Articles!
Posted by westcoaster on 2011/11/9 23:30:19 (270 reads)

Two new articles for you to peruse, David's guide for replacing the pesky drivers side sidelight bulb here and Tim's article on fitting a reversing sensor on his Roadster Coupe here:

Site : New Article by Owen (K O Rowe)
Posted by westcoaster on 2011/7/25 20:20:00 (686 reads)

A new article on how to change your side repeater indicators, have a look in Guides & Articles

Site : Yet another new guide!
Posted by westcoaster on 2011/7/19 20:00:00 (515 reads)

MadDan's new guide to replacing your broken air con pipe.

See here:

Site : New Guide
Posted by westcoaster on 2011/7/17 21:30:00 (386 reads)

New Guide here, how to lower the roadster subframe.

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Smart : Sackis Roady bible address change
Posted by madDan on 2011/7/4 19:37:36 (464 reads)

Just to let you Roady folks know, Sacki's Roady Bible has moved address.

Now at

Site : Site Slowdown
Posted by kickinside on 2011/5/15 12:00:00 (400 reads)

Some users may have noticed the site slowed down on Saturday night/Sunday morning.

We think this may have been an issue with the machine hosting the site, but aren't quite sure.

If it happens again please bear with us, we aren't always here (we have lives too believe it or not and day jobs etc!) to notice, and when we do its can be quite involved sorting it out!

If anyone notices that the site is slow please feel free to email me!

Smart : Members offer with Cumbria Smart Cars
Posted by westcoaster on 2011/4/25 10:03:49 (414 reads)

Details of a great new offer for TR.n membership card holders.

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Events : "What Is This?" Posts
Posted by Pete on 2011/4/22 20:10:00 (237 reads)


With the recent change in the Parts Forum - please take a quick look at the new subforum(s) added. One of these is to request other members of the site to answer a "What is this part that just fell off" post or "I'm looking at this but can't figure it out".

Please post all posts of this nature in here and please where possible, add a picture to make everyone's life(s) easier!

I won't go scouring the site to organise these posts up till this point though, so they can be left as is - for now.



Site : Parts Forum Cleanup
Posted by Pete on 2011/4/3 10:44:09 (308 reads)

The new parts forum is now live.

Please adhere to the rules when posting and if you've noticed a post of yours deleted or edited - it's probably as it didn't follow them!

Please have a gander and continue to post your part numbers!


Site : Terms of Use
Posted by kickinside on 2011/4/2 10:59:36 (91 reads)

In light of recent events at another Smart website, I wish to draw your attention to the site's Terms of Use and in particular to:

"Copyrighted Information: Copyrighted material, private email text, and other privileged information may not be posted here without prior written permission from the original author. If you find that your postings to the web site have been copied, emailed and/or publicly posted or distributed elsewhere or brought to the forums by another for posting without your permission, which constitutes violation of your privacy or copyright infringement, please notify the Webmaster directly so the situation can be promptly addressed. If such an event occurs, the individual posting the information shall be held solely responsible.

Piracy: Software piracy is strictly forbidden and is defined here as "any unauthorised copying or transfer of a computer program in any manner other than what is permitted by copyright law or by the author as stated in the software licensing agreement". This includes, but is not limited to: material protected by patent, copyright, or trade secret. Any person using this site for software piracy will have their account terminated and will be reported to BSA."

For the sake of clarity the site will consider posting information that promotes items that may infringe another persons copyright/trademarks/intellectual property to be in breach of the above.

There will be a zero tolerance of this behaviour on TR.n, members who flout the above Terms of Use will be banned.

Site : TR.n Stickers For Sale!
Posted by westcoaster on 2011/3/18 8:20:00 (703 reads)


Come and get your TR.n stickers here!

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Site : The Next Step......
Posted by westcoaster on 2011/2/28 22:10:00 (347 reads)

The Next Step…..

As you will no doubt be aware, Mark (MadDan) has decided to step back from the coal face of the site and take more of a relaxed role. He has worked tirelessly on TR.n, keeping the site going and writing many of the articles on the site. But, times change and the site will pass on to a new management team from Tuesday 1st March 2011.

The new team are:

Westcoaster (Graham) – Site Manager
Kickinside (Patrick) – Head Tech.

Ian.S (Ian) – Moderator
Jace (John) – Moderator
Hugo (Peter) - Moderator
Themoon66 (Maggie) – Moderator
Pete (Pete) – Moderator

Mark will be with us as a site consultant to ensure a smooth handover, before returning to the ‘back benches’ to enjoy being a standard member on TR.n, ie, all the fun without the hassle! We look forward to seeing some new guides and articles from Mark, now he has the time to do them.

The new team want to see an evolution of the site, rather than a revolution, so little will change on a day to day basis, the site’s familiarity is it’s strength. So it’s a massive thanks to Mark for the last few years and here’s to the next few!

Westcoaster – Site Manager.

Site : Small Ads
Posted by madDan on 2010/12/16 9:28:30 (457 reads)

Site small ads no longer need team authoriseation as people have gotten used to them.

Please make the effort to get your adverts placed in the correct categories correct currency etc.

Ads outside of the categories will be deleted and any abuse of this flexibilty will have the adverts being put back to waiting for authoriseation again.

These are private ads any traders attempting to misuse this will have their access removed.

This should now (in theory at least) allow users to edit their adverts.

Site : Chat facility
Posted by madDan on 2010/12/15 10:52:41 (121 reads)

All registered users should now find a chat facility available on the user bar at the bottom of their browser (not active for mobile deveices)

You may need to relogin and refresh your browser to see it.

Info bubble will popup when you move your mose over the icons.

Abuse of this will result in a ban from accessing the facility for said user - so play nicely.

I have set up a few permenant rooms if people have suggestions for other dedicated rooms let
me know.

Events : WebLinks update
Posted by madDan on 2010/9/21 20:57:02 (125 reads)

I have moved smart servicing and repair centres from Retailers to a subcategory

- Servicing and Repairs

Under the Retail category, if you know of any appropriate weblinks that maybe of anyuse to this site, please don't forget to share the info and submit a weblink.

Site : PM email notifications
Posted by madDan on 2010/9/19 17:42:53 (79 reads)

I have activated the PM notification via email, obviously you'll then have to log into your account.

To activate this feature goto your inbox and select preferences and select -

Send me a mail, when a new Pm was sent to me
(Only for message(s) from others members)

then submit.

If your email sees the notifications as spam take the apprpriate actions in your email client to say they are safe etc.

By default this action is not set.

Meetings : TRn Camping Meet 2011
Posted by madDan on 2010/9/13 2:40:00 (81 reads)

Next years site camping meet can be read about



Site : Engine Removal Guide
Posted by westcoaster on 2010/9/9 19:42:44 (150 reads)

A very useful step by step guide to engine removal by NeilyDone, in the guides section under servicing. See here:

Site : For Sale and Wanted forum Removed
Posted by madDan on 2010/8/30 11:02:21 (212 reads)

I have now removed the FS&W forum

Any adverts appearing in the none trader areas will simply be removed, the poster will not be contacted.

Any none trade adverts can be advertised through the small adds module, these are moderated and need approving.

Click on Small Ads entry in the Main Menu, this will take you to the Small Ads section. Then simply click on Submit in the Small Ads sub menu.

Six Photos can be uploaded smart Roady related, 3 photos all other car related sections. Adverts have a 10,000 character limit.

Site : Calendar events invisible issue fixed
Posted by madDan on 2010/8/2 16:58:28 (108 reads)

Just a quick note

The calendar events are now once again, visible.

I had to switch the site off this afternoon to look into this, otherwise I would have been inundated with more bug reports.

We are back up once again, should there be any style issues, this will be temporary as the sites caches catch up.


Site : For Sale and Wanted forum replaced by SmallAds
Posted by madDan on 2010/7/31 12:40:00 (156 reads)

Site Changes

The Forum For Sale And Wanted has been closed to new submissions

It has been replaced by the new SmallAds section in the site, this has a recent Ads scrolling block on the main page as well as a Small ads entry in the Main menu.

This feature is for private sales and wants - no trade adverts.

All adverts will need approval.

At the end of August the current for Sale and Wanted forum will be removed from the site.

Events : smart times 10 – Rally to Zell am See
Posted by Organisation on 2010/7/9 11:40:42 (134 reads)

Dear smart fans,

To make the journey to smart times 2010 an event in itself, we are pleased to coordinate rallies to Zell am See. Simply send us an email,, with your route and we will publish it on the smart times facebook fan page for all other participants from your country. You can then travel parts of the route together - 16 countries, one destination!

See you soon,

smart times 10 organization team

Smart : smart TechTalk, smart fortwo electric drive
Posted by Organisation on 2010/7/9 11:39:49 (117 reads)

We fixed the next smart TechTalk!

Ask questions and exchange information live and from first hand!

Date: 13th of July 2010
Time: 20:00 – 22:00 o’clock (CET)
Topic: smart fortwo electric drive
Organisation: Daimler AG
Contact person: Pitt Moos
The smart TechTalk will be held via chat on Facebook,

Become a fan and use this opportunity to get information from first hand!

See you there,

smart times 10 organization team

Site : Location Location Location
Posted by madDan on 2010/7/7 18:02:43 (125 reads)

Can people please fill in a rough geograpical location for themselves in their profiles.

It helps with things like sales and wants also helping each other out or meeting up with other people etc, if you can see someones location in the forum posts it can avoid confusion.

This is now set as a requirement when registering on the site.

Site : Interior Door Handle Article updated
Posted by madDan on 2010/6/30 19:00:00 (200 reads)

Catsby has made a video of carrying out the interior door handle fix.

This has been added to the door handle fix article.

Smart : smart times 10 - actions already started
Posted by Organisation on 2010/6/24 11:00:00 (101 reads)

Dear smart fans,

We’ve launched lots of ways to enjoy the run-up to smart times 10. Here they all are again at a glance:

We’re about to vote for Mr and Ms smart times 10!

We’ve already received the first nominations. The deadline for entries is 28 June 2010 – and then the voting can begin. If you want to enter the contest just register now. Simply send an e-mail to

Further details are available in a PDF file: ... rttimes?v=app_72880082540

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Site : Hmm guess what I didn't have to do?
Posted by madDan on 2010/6/5 19:20:00 (173 reads)

You know sometimes a job can sound awful

It need not be.

Site : I broke something
Posted by madDan on 2010/6/5 13:54:31 (115 reads)

I really must stop fiddling with the site Laughing


Sorry for the brief outage there.



Site : Having issues? Clear your Browsers
Posted by madDan on 2010/6/1 23:21:04 (92 reads)

Since I rebuilt the site, it looks as though some people are still having a few issues.

If you are can, you try emptying your browser history and caches.

Your browser is possibly still trying to use old data from the old site.

And if you are having problems why are you not reprting them in the bugs forum?

Another thing to try is to switch browsers, especially if using FireFox some plugins do cause issues especially ABP Add Blocker Plus.

Site : New How to Guide
Posted by westcoaster on 2010/6/1 21:20:00 (121 reads)

There is a new how to guide, how to change the balljoints on your roadster.

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Site : Member cards and map submissions etc
Posted by madDan on 2010/5/29 11:27:15 (64 reads)


Once the site post switch over tidying up has been dealt with, I will get on with sorting out and replying to member card and map submissions and requests.

I appologise for the delay but sorting out the niggles is paramount for problem free running of the site, that and coping with a new rebuild of my PC you'll forgive me If I have been somewhat slack as of lateI am a little Devil


Site : Site back up and running
Posted by madDan on 2010/5/26 14:40:05 (51 reads)

I Have just finished building the site from scratch and integrating the relevent site data.


I have hit a few glitches however - I somehow have lost the notification function, rather than trawl through each module and find out what is causing this, I will look into that niggle in slow time.


There is a new forum where you can gripe and whinge about the various bugs I failed to spot Clown




Site : Site Functionality
Posted by madDan on 2010/5/22 10:34:46 (47 reads)


It probably has not escaped your attention that the site is not responding as usual.

I am looking into the site software (best I can under the circumstances) and have contacted our host to look at their end.

If you find the site is turned of don't worry I will be looking into the problems.

Hopefully we can track down what has caused the slowdowns over this last week and be back to normal soon.


Site : Notifications
Posted by madDan on 2010/4/22 0:20:00 (48 reads)

I have re-enabled a limited amount of notifications on the site again, should there use get abused, I can take a few steps
  • Those people not tidying them up can either have them removed from site for everyone.
  • I will PM those people, who can take steps to use them properly, and manage them and their inbox contents
  • I can send them to your email - until you get the message
  • I will delete all of your PM inbox account without selective process
  • I can delete your account
  • I can deactivate them.
People abusing the notification system persistantly either by ignorance or malice spoil the facility for those who genuinely find them useful, so take care what you ask for.

Site : Site slow downs
Posted by madDan on 2010/4/6 15:43:07 (37 reads)


I am aware the site has been a little slow over the last 36 hours.


I have contacted our host and hopefully it'll be back up to speed soon, in the mean time just hang in there.

Site : Site Issues
Posted by madDan on 2010/3/21 10:50:00 (300 reads)


Hi We are aware of the odd "PHP has encountered an Access Violation at 020EC19F" messages and are investigating, please bear with us.

itor/tinymce/tinymce/jscripts/plugins/xoopsemotions/langs/en.js" type="text/javascript">t;

If the site is not available during the day, take it as a sign that you need to got out for a drive


Meetings : TR.n Scottish Hotel Meet Perth - Friday 3rd to Monday 6th September 2010
Posted by westcoaster on 2010/3/16 20:30:00 (190 reads)

TR.n are pleased to announce the Scottish Hotel Meet, based from the Travelodge at Broxden in Perth from 3rd - 6th September 2010

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Meetings : TR.n Camping Meet 2010
Posted by epitrochoid on 2010/3/4 22:20:00 (488 reads)

The 2010 Annual Roadster.Net Camping Meet is back!

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Site : Site problems
Posted by madDan on 2010/3/2 0:20:00 (68 reads)

Some people appear to be having specific issues with the use of various features on the site.


It would be better received if people PM'd me with precise examples of what the issue is rather than a general throw away grumble in a public forum.



Site : Site Polls
Posted by madDan on 2010/3/1 10:40:00 (53 reads)

I have had to reinstall the polling system which has meant that for now the old polls have been lost, I will look into restoring the old data if I possibly can, I'll let you know either way if I am successful



Site : Tidy up of Guides & Articles section
Posted by westcoaster on 2010/1/31 21:53:54 (117 reads)

We've done a quick tidy up of the Guides and Articles area of the site and introduced some new sections to hopefully make it clearer to read.

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Site : one hacked off site webmaster
Posted by madDan on 2010/1/21 10:40:00 (109 reads)

For some bizzare reason the styles I worked on over the last month are refusing to work.


So we are back to this miss mash style for now!


[update] have imported accross the css styles - into other theme need to look at what happened into why theme went belly up in the first place.


Maybe when I get back.....Laughing

Site : I'll be away for a while
Posted by madDan on 2010/1/20 18:40:00 (96 reads)

I am of on my hols, so in thoery Kelvin (smartroad) will be looking after the site along with the moderators, I may get the chance to look in from time to time and should the need arise I can be contacted in the event of a meteor strike either that or the sites SAM unit gets a drenching

Member cards and site stickers will be dealt with upon my return - only I handle these items because they are physically at my home.

Site : Catch up
Posted by madDan on 2010/1/4 11:15:51 (119 reads)

As I have been a little preoccupied with getting the site updated unfortunately some things have slipped.

Namely member cards and stickers.

Hopefully I'll get out standing requests resolved this evening.


Smart : Site Slow downs
Posted by madDan on 2009/9/4 21:30:00 (78 reads)

I am aware and still currently trying to find the cause, in addition it looks as if we have lost a few posts today as I was in the middle of some admin when the site locked up again. Update - since our host changed some settings on the server the site has been a lot more stable for the last week or so 8/10/9

Events : Sacki's Back
Posted by madDan on 2009/3/31 15:58:46 (85 reads)

Kai Sackmann

Is recreating his Roady guide as far as I can tell from scratch again.

The Roadster Bible is back

Don't just take, contribute and help if you can.

Events : SW - Exclusive Filter Condition Alert
Posted by madDan on 2009/2/19 13:30:00 (93 reads)

Owners of SW-Exclusive Race filters are encouraged to check the condition of their filter necks.

See below

Pretty obvious what to check

Open in new window

From post here

Please note these filters have been out of production since 2006, ask yourselves were the filters fitted with care in accordance with this article paying particular attention to not over tightening, obviously if they have been in the car for possibly upto four years then heat will effect the rubber, did you fit it yourself or was it a garage? and maybe prudent to keep these things in consideration before panicing.

After checking yours please add to poll post here

Meetings : TR.n Camping Meet 2009
Posted by epitrochoid on 2009/1/26 23:00:00 (529 reads) 2009 Camping Meet Date: Thursday 28th – Sunday 31st May Venue: South Lytchett Manor Caravan & Camping Park, Dorset It’s the fourth annual TR.n Camping Meet and you and your Roadster are invited!

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Events : Trackday
Posted by smartroad on 2008/5/13 7:50:00 (113 reads) is holding its annual Trackday on the 26th July. It is held at the Haynes Motor Museum on their track of a mear 1.2km length, the Roadster can be tested to the limits on the tight corners rather then worrying about the straight line speed! As we all know the Roadster is better on corners then on the straights. It costs £89 per car for the day, we will have 10 7 cars in total and be managing the time people are on the track for; to maximise the time on the track for all. So if you are intersted in coming along then check out the advert page for more details and to apply. It is a great day out for all! Update 23/06/2008 reduced numbers to 7 places due to reduced interest in this event, this however will allow those taking part more time on the circuit. - madDan

Smart : The official line from smart on Aircon pipe fractures
Posted by madDan on 2008/2/13 19:53:58 (532 reads)

I received the following reply in response to my querey to UK DCUK customer services.

Ignore the confusion about them trying to investigate my problem, I only asked for the official line on what they were or were not willing to do regarding the common aircon pipe fractures at the compressor

Dear Mr Milligan

smart Model: Smart Roadster Coupe
Chassis No: ***********************
Registration: ***************

I write with reference to your telephone call of 8th February 2008, in which you requested our official statement with regards to the air conditioning pipes on the smart Roadster Coupe.

We can hereby confirm that we do not accept there to be a design fault with the air conditioning pipes.

We were sorry to learn that you have experienced difficulties with the air conditioning pipes on your smart. However, as you have now completed the repairs yourself, we are not able to check your smart in a failed state. Therefore, we cannot comment on the fault you have experienced, determine the cause of the failures or conclude whether these failures were due to a manufacturing defect. We trust you will appreciate our position in this.

We apologise we are unable to provide further assistance in this matter, but thank you for contacting us and providing us the opportunity to address your concerns.

Yours sincerely

Lisette Klaassen
Customer Service
DaimlerChrysler Customer Assistance Center N.V.
Gaetano Martinolaan 10
NL-6229 GS Maastricht, The Netherlands

Strange how they have my car recorded as a Coupé???

So there you go!

There is no problem with the pipes

Meetings : Camping event 2008
Posted by smartroad on 2008/1/29 17:30:00 (144 reads)

Open in new windowFull details are now up for the Camping Event 2008! Click here or on the banner for all information. As an aside, as people have asked, nothing more then the venue has been organised. We work on the principle that it is easier for people to sort out between themselves if they wish to go anywhere. So if there is somewhere you want to go then you can, if you wish to go on your own you can or you can invite others! There may be a BBQ one evening and I might provide a cooked breakfast But other then that, it is up to you guys as to what you want to do! Could people PM me when you have booked and paid so I have an idea of numbers. Many thanks!

Events : It's back!!
Posted by harley on 2007/11/10 18:12:35 (255 reads)

I would just like to share with you my news. After being in garage for the week, finally having its whole wiring harness replaced - and another sam unit just to be sure - I have my roady back today!! Yippee.!! and nothing focuses the mind more than being without it. So, I would like to state that, at least for the time being, there has been a stay of execution in the case of thinking about getting rid of it and I have even started putting the wheels into motion for a service contract (its a 53 plate) to help deal with future problems in a rather proactive fashion. Feeling much love for the world and in particular for my roadster.....

Events : Leeds to the Loire
Posted by Nevster on 2007/8/29 15:55:03 (321 reads)

Last week we returned from a 9 day holiday in the Loire Valley (mid-West France). Despite numerous comments to the effect of "you're going in that?", we decided to head off in my 54 Speedsilver Roadie. She behaved impeccably for the entire 1,512 mile round trip and I had a smile on my face every minute of the drive (apart from the heavy rain between Dover and Leeds on the return). The good lady even managed to fit her luggage (and more than two pairs of shoes) thanks to some inventive packing - three small rucksacks easily fit in the rear boot. I was also pleasantly suprised to be able to bring back 5 bottles of wine too.

Everywhere we went, once we'd cleared Boulogne, people either waved, or unashamedly stared at us pass by. We were even stopped by a very nice, stereotypically French, elderly couple and asked what the car was, telling us "c'est tres belle".

Has anyone been on any trips further afield?

As a "reward", I've just taken receipt of some new Brabus pedals...

Events : Boot switch fix
Posted by Anonymous on 2007/8/28 16:03:55 (301 reads)
Events ... ewtopic.php?topic_id=5628

Smart : Trackday 2007
Posted by smartroad on 2007/3/1 15:29:39 (370 reads)

Open in new windowIt is that time again! is holding its trackday on the 9th June.

The cost is £75 this year with 7 places available. You may pay £25 to secure your place, however this is non-refundable and the remaining £50 must be paid by the 20th April, or you can pay the full £75 out right (however the first £25 is non-refundable). We have decided to do things this way this year due to the number of people who said they wanted to go last year but didn't pay up and we were left finding people at the very last moment. So please only apply if you really intend to go

There are pictures from last year (will post up a link when I find them again!) and you can view the video of the event here.

Click on the image above to apply and find out more details!

Smart : Invite for Trackday at Brands Hatch 3rd Feb 2007
Posted by smartroad on 2007/1/4 17:34:06 (312 reads)

We have been invited by the MGs-on-Track Committee to join them for a track-day at Brands Hatch on the 3rd February. From the email we were sent:


The MGs-on-Track committee, a recognised branch of the MG Car Club which offers track-days to the MG community (classic and modern), we typically organise around 10 trackdays each year at a variety of venues such as Brands Hatch, Silverstone, Donington Park, Cadwell etc...

Our aim was to offer safe trackdays at very low prices to MG owners. MGoT was founded, and is run, by volunteers who offer their time for free, these low overheads allow us to offer low costs day to our members (Event costs range between £99-£150). Although we started with only MGs we have found it useful to partner other similar marques like, Lotus, MX5 & Triumph, Honda which has enabled us to run more days each year, to mutual benefit.

On 3rd February (which is a Saturday), we are running a day at Brands Hatch this time in collaboration with Lotus-on-Track (LoT). The day is organised in three twenty minute sessions each hours from 9.00 - 4.00 this will give two hours of track time to each session during the course of the day. Two session are allocated to LoT and MGoT but the third session will be a mix of MG's and other similar marques, like MX5, Triumph.

We think that the Smart Roadster will be a very compatible car with MGF's and MX5's and would like to offer Smart Roadster members the opportunity to attend the Brands Hatch trackday in the mixed session. The pricing is incredibly reasonable for a weekend date, at £150 per car, Second drivers are £10 and passengers will be free.

MGoT details can be found here:

and event details:

If you wish to attend then you will need to register on their site (for free) which will allow you to book a place on-line. They are currently taking payment by cheque but expect to have on-line payment within the next two weeks. The price is amazingly cheap for a weekend!

Places are limited so book now for your chance to get onto the track! If you are planning to go please let us know (the mods) as we can then also attend to fly the flag for all Roadsters with you!

Meetings : Essex Roadster Meet
Posted by smartroad on 2006/11/13 17:00:41 (267 reads)

Once again we have the Essex Roadster meet at the Dick Turpin on the 19th November 2006.

Check out full details in the calendar!

Smart : Remaps at Scottish L2B on Sunday August 13th 2006
Posted by roadstersam on 2006/7/14 21:11:32 (340 reads)

right i have discussed with stevie i would find a remapper and get a deal.....and my i have got a deal after emailing remappers

check this out...


i am sure you will all agree that this is one hell of a bargin as its from a COMPANY and not an individual

Click

Read More... | 844 bytes more
Smart : McSmarts Servicing at Smartzstock
Posted by roadstersam on 2006/7/12 7:36:50 (346 reads)

well, PJ has very kindly asked the site if it was ok for me to do this and as long as i dont leave a mess(not a problem as i hate getting dirty lol) they say it will be ok

so i will be offering services to people who will be at the site from THUR 7th Sept-SUN 10th Sept

Click Read More.. for pricing details!

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Smart : Two new DIY Guides regarding "Wing Mirrors" and "Door Panels"
Posted by bigblueboy on 2006/7/8 11:25:07 (960 reads)

I have done two new DIY guides:

First One: "How to remove the wing mirrors".

Second One: "How to remove the door panels".

These guides will be helpfull when I make the DIY guide about "Wing Mirrors and Door Seal LEAKS".

See you guys !

Smart : Migration
Posted by madDan on 2006/6/29 21:39:15 (278 reads)

Yup we are off to smartmaniacs smartbeat event.

So put down the paint brush and step away from the Lawn mower.

Why not join us, the weather looks like it is going to be good, so what are you waiting for a gold plated invite

Come on you Roady lovers, turn out in force

Maybe see you there

Smart : SmartArseDesign BBQ (inc Clutch and Charge Cooler launch)
Posted by madDan on 2006/6/6 11:55:15 (1208 reads)

Smartarse Design


BBQ Invitation

Saturday 24th June

As a run up to Smartbeat this year we have decided to hold an event at our Watford centre to enjoy a BBQ, have some fun and launch the new performance clutch and charge cooler from Bonalume.

We will have food and drink a plenty and opportunity for you to test-drive our roadster with performance clutch and charge cooler, plus our 600cc ForTwo with performance clutch.

We have also agreed with Red Dot Racing that they will have their rolling road available for bookings and even custom remaps on the day if required.

Come and experience the next level in smart performance modification and join in what we think will be a fun day.

To help us with the catering and for those who want to go on the rolling road please book in advance by contacting us via e-mail or tel Rob on 01923 288199

Smart : Like Hairyplanes?
Posted by madDan on 2006/4/26 19:47:00 (246 reads)

The Brizzle portion of the SouthWest Smarties have traded in their traditional Pub meet on the 2nd Sunday of the month, in May.

We are proposing a meet at the Fleet Air Arm Museum at RNAS Yeovilton in Somerset details here

So why not join us, there is plenty of parking, onsite cafe, and a great museum to invest part of a Sunday in.

If you are intrested let us know on here SWSmarties

Smart : 2006 Meet
Posted by smartroad on 2006/4/4 21:45:54 (245 reads)

Can all of those who are going to the camping trip please either email me ( or PM me via the site. As people are booking direct with the camping site I do not know the numbers going and this will allow me to make some plans if the numbers are high enough.

There are still places available! Why not book and come along to the only Smart Roadster meet of the year!

Many thanks!!

aka smartroad

Smart : Annual Meet page update
Posted by smartroad on 2006/2/26 18:24:44 (272 reads)

I have updated our Members Meet pages to include a scan of the brochure that I have been sent by Peakland. Click on " Meet 2006" in the members menu then go to the bottom of the page and click on "Next Page".

The scan has been split over 4 pages to allow for those with slower internet connections. I hope this is of some use to you all.

Events : Pipeline - Cheaper Fuel?
Posted by smartroad on 2005/12/30 12:19:34 (284 reads)

The one thing with any car is the fuelling of it. It is getting more and more expensive as time goes on. Well, now there is Pipeline. They are attempting to get a large number of consumers (like you and I) together and using that as a way to receive discounts from the major players in the oil and petrol industry.

Obviously the Roadster is already an efficient car, but imagine paying 5-10p less per litre? How much would you then be saving compared to the gas guzzling 4x4?

Check out Pipeline's website for more information. And register free to add your support.

Smart : Boolee
Posted by madDan on 2005/11/13 22:22:51 (241 reads)

Where were you?

We were there!

Open in new window

(just thought I'd share a Kodak moment with you all really! )

You can view more here - boolee piccys

Smart : Funkysmart site imminent closure
Posted by madDan on 2005/9/5 20:34:42 (293 reads)

We here at are in as much shock as the rest of the smart internet community at the sad news of the immenent closure of Funkysmart website.

We would like to express our gratitude for the knowledge and friendship the site has fostered over the years.

We are surely all hoping that it can be saved and rise again.

If not it will be a sad loss.

Smart : thesmartclub London to Brighton
Posted by smartroad on 2005/8/9 17:17:41 (265 reads)

thesmartclub have now got thier applications running for thier London to Brighton run. Get them in while thier still hot

Smart : Billing Tube
Posted by smartroad on 2005/6/25 11:22:22 (188 reads)

The Billing tube has been finalised and is now available to read in the Articles Section, there is also a PDF file attached with the main information on for you to print out.

See you there!

Smart : Roadster event!
Posted by madDan on 2005/5/17 20:28:22 (186 reads)

See the forums for the details of a Roadster camping weekend - short notice 28th May but hey what the heck!

Also check the Calender!

Smart : Smartarse Design June 5th New Site Opening
Posted by smartroad on 2005/5/14 10:43:17 (284 reads)

Dave and I are pleased to announce that we are opening another Smartarse Centre this time in Wells Somerset.

It will be run by Paul and Liz Woolley and Dave, Sasha and I will be there throughout each week.

We will be offering car sales, servicing, mechanical work, performance upgrades, remapping, accessories, paintwork and vinyl along with our lounge and internet cafe. Work on the centre is happening as we speak however we are taking customers work on from now so feel free to call us on 01749 871178 or still at Romsey on 01794 367878 to make an appointment.

Click Read More... for information about the opening event!

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Smart : Roady + Viper proposition
Posted by madDan on 2005/2/27 18:36:35 (221 reads)

J9 has an interesting idea for a meet on his site

Roadster meet 15th May

See or click "Read More..." for further information!

come on chaps and chapesses!

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Meetings : Photos from the Space Center Meeting
Posted by smartroad on 2005/2/3 23:28:26 (224 reads)

I have now added my pictures from the Space Center meeting. Check them out here!

Click "read more" for even more pictures!

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Meetings : BASS - New Venue for 2005
Posted by Jennybrush on 2005/1/13 20:27:22 (240 reads)

NavRog and I have completed the official 'chip tasting test' and this new venue comes out on top. The rest of the menu is varied with the usual - icecream and burgers included, but also some different dishes.

I have had good conversations with the Landlord and he is welcoming us with open arms - Wayne is his name and the pub is called The Royal Oak at Shinfield. Two tables will be reserved for us in the Restaurant bar at the back of the Lounge Bar from 7.30 onwards.

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Events : New Article: Boot Rack Finish
Posted by smartroad on 2005/1/9 16:01:25 (245 reads)

Yet another article about the finish on my boot rack, where it was done and how much it cost.

Either visit the articles section or click here.

Smart : BASS(H) Xmas
Posted by Jennybrush on 2004/12/6 22:18:57 (235 reads)

The next Berskhire & Surrey Smarts Meet on 21 December and will be a special one with a festive meal.

Got to pay for it though - sorry.

Post on the site if you are interested and I can let you have all the details.

Happy Smarting and Xmas


Smart : Funkysmart Beaulieu 2004
Posted by smartroad on 2004/11/14 21:52:07 (204 reads)

Had a great time at the event, as always was nice to see all those people again! Sorry to smartydan who I couldn't find before I went home and to Rog and Jen for the same reason! I have written up a short article on the event which can be found here.

Meetings : Don't forget BASS!
Posted by smartroad on 2004/11/13 12:50:11 (200 reads)

With everything that is going on with FunkySmart Beaulieu, don't forget that there is the monthly BASS meeting on Tuesday 16th November!

For information and directions click here!

Smart : One week to go!! Beaulieu Nov 14th
Posted by smartroad on 2004/11/7 12:33:36 (308 reads)

There is now only one week to go to the Funkysmart Beaulieu event! It looks like it could be a good (and smart filled!) day out. Anyone wanting to come to the Basingstoke to Beaulieu tube have a look here for information on where we are meeting and leaving times.

Upon leaving Basingstoke we will be heading straight to the M3, then down to the M27 and across to the Rownhams service station to meet up with the rest.

I would also like to welcome all the BASS memebers who may well be joining us on our little tube, well actually this could turn into a big tube!

Smart : Major change to the Basingstoke to Beaulieu leaving time!
Posted by smartroad on 2004/11/1 21:19:45 (204 reads)

Just to let you all know that to be able to meet up with all the people at Rownhams Services, we will be leaving Basingstoke at 8.40am! This should allow us to meet the rest at around 9.15am.

It should only take around 20 mins to get to Beaulieu from the service station so I would say we should be able to leave at about 9.30-9.40am.

Check out the Articles for the rest of the info.

The only thing to have changed is the Basingstoke Leaving time

Meetings : Dont forget BASS tomorrow!
Posted by smartroad on 2004/10/18 20:50:01 (181 reads)

Once again it is that time of the month for the BASS meet-up! Check out the calender for details on how to get there etc.

Also I would like to draw your attention to the new poll on the right, just a bit of fun but please vote and comment! Registered users only)

Meetings : BASS Meeting on the 19th
Posted by smartroad on 2004/10/13 11:32:12 (180 reads)

Just a quick reminder that BASS are meeting again on the 19th.

Check out the Calander for more details!

Smart : L2B route now available
Posted by smartroad on 2004/9/24 21:28:25 (200 reads)

thesmartclub how now put up the route details for the L2B run.

Smart : London 2 Brighton run 1 week to go!
Posted by smartroad on 2004/9/19 10:24:13 (185 reads)

thesmartclub L2B run is in a weeks time! If you have still not registered you can do so at thesmartclub, but hurry applications must be recived by 2200 BST 20th September.

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Meetings : BASS + meeting Today!
Posted by smartroad on 2004/9/17 18:17:41 (206 reads)

That time of the month has rolled around again for the BASS+ meeting at The Old Bell!

Hope to see you all there again. See the Calendar for further information.

Smart : London to Brighton Run: BASS Tube
Posted by smartroad on 2004/9/1 17:01:23 (237 reads)

Over on thesmartclub Zippieee is organising the tube upto the event.

Details are below.

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Meetings : BASS meeting 17/08
Posted by smartroad on 2004/8/17 21:40:26 (229 reads)

Just got back from the BASS meeting! Great fun, thanks to all the people there and a special thanks to Jenny's other half (Roger isn't it?) for showing me how to fit the air filter to my Little B.

Pictures are now available in the gallery!

Meetings : BASS Meeting in a week!
Posted by smartroad on 2004/8/17 16:42:37 (298 reads)

It is getting close to that time again, the monthly meeting of the BASS people

For more info have a look at the Calendar for more details.

-UPDATE- Meeting is TODAY! Hope to see you there!

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Smart : thesmartclub London 2 Brighton Run FAQ
Posted by smartroad on 2004/8/16 20:52:20 (251 reads)

thesmartclub have just put up an FAQ on thier site, for the L2B run later this year.

Check it out here.

Events : New article for you to read!
Posted by smartroad on 2004/8/14 18:04:37 (254 reads)

I have writen another article which you can read here.


Smart : thesmartclub L2B Registration Available
Posted by smartroad on 2004/7/31 20:57:34 (370 reads)

You can now register for this years London To Brighton Run organised by thesmartclub.